Month: August 2017

The Progression Of Tooth Decay

Understanding how tooth decay progresses may help you understand how to better protect your teeth and your health. Tooth decay is incredibly common, but it can be prevented. It can even be reversed if discovered in an early stage. Tooth decay left untreated can lead to a multitude of problems, such as, cavities, abscessed teeth,… Read more »

Malocclusion Can Cause Headaches

Malocclusion is a condition where the top ridge of teeth do not properly line up with the bottom line of teeth. When the teeth do not properly line up, it can often lead to bruxism or teeth grinding which can result in sore faces, jaw disorders, and chronic headaches. While headaches are common and can… Read more »

How Are Your Toothbrush Skills?

Good oral hygiene is the most important part of maintaining your oral health. Have you ever been told that you might be neglecting some spots in your mouth during your brushing and/or flossing? Certain spots in the mouth are commonly missed during brushing, so you are not alone. However, missing these areas during brushing can lead… Read more »

Maintaining Your Periodontal Health

Oftentimes, the first thought when thinking about oral health is to think about your teeth. While the health of your teeth is very important, the health of your gums is just as necessary to maintain. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, more than 75 percent of adults over the age of 35 have some form… Read more »

Celebrate Charlie Parker

Jazz music is American. Kansas City is one of the integral cities in the formation of jazz, and Kansas City is the birthplace of jazz legend, Charlie Parker. This weekend is a part of the 10-day 4th Annual Charlie Parker Celebration. The celebration spans from August 17th through August 29th, 2017 with jazz festivities all… Read more »

The Importance of Cleanings

A major part of maintaining a healthy mouth is maintaining routine visits to your dentist every six months. These dental visits should include an exam to stay on top of any potential problems or issues, and the visit should also include a professional cleaning. Even with vigilant oral hygiene, a professional cleaning is an important… Read more »

Ease Your Dental Anxiety

If you get anxious or nervous just thinking about setting a dental appointment, you are not alone. Many people experience moderate to severe anxiety over visiting a dentist. Some people have an actual phobia of dentists called dentophobia. While dental anxiety and dental phobia are quite different, they both can make people avoid the dentist… Read more »

Sunflower Festival

The First Annual Mission Sunflower Festival in Mission, KS, begins this year. The event is free to the public and kicks off this Friday night. The Mission Business Partnership is organizing the event along with co-sponsors, Direct Computer Outlet, The Bar, Capitol Federal, Springboard Creative, and Twisted Sisters Coffee Shoppe. The festival will include live music,… Read more »

Gum Disease Linked To Cancer

A study led by the University of Buffalo has recently released results that show that older women who have had gum disease are at a higher risk for developing gallbladder and esophageal cancer. In the recent years, several studies have come out linking periodontal health to health in other areas of the body. As part… Read more »

Nutrition For Your Smile

Dieting is hard. It can seem daunting to think about it in terms of giant lifestyle changes. It may be easier to take it one bite at a time. Mindful choices about your food and drink can actually make a big impact on the health of your mouth and smile. Your mouth is the first… Read more »