Month: November 2017

Use Your 2017 Dental Benefits While You Can

Tis the season: the weather’s getting chilly, the holiday decor is going up, Christmas music is in the air, and the end of the year is near. Most dental plan benefits of 2017 will run out by December 31st, and they will likely not roll over into 2018. According to the National Association of Dental… Read more »

Defending Against Gum Disease

Gum disease can often be prevented with good defense. Gum disease is very common and can potentially be quite dangerous to both your oral and overall health. Most cases are caused by poor oral hygiene though not every case is that the cause. Good oral hygiene can help to prevent gum disease. It includes brushing… Read more »

Choose Your Option For A Brighter Smile

Through the end of the year, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, is holding a teeth whitening special with great prices. There are three options designed to fit your smile’s needs, your goals, your timeline, and your budget. There are two options that are available for you to take with you and wear in… Read more »

Holidays At Union Station

“Holidays Come Alive” at Union Station in Kansas City was kicked off this past weekend on November 18th. This opens the door for an entire holiday season of activities and colorful lights. Holiday activities and events will take place at Union Station through the end of the year. The Astro Botanicals exhibit has opened; guests… Read more »

Can I Get A Crown In One Day?

The short answer is yes, you can get a dental crown in just one day. With in-office CEREC technology, you can get a dental crown in a single visit. The traditional process for getting a dental crown involves getting a mold of your mouth and then sending it out to a third-party lab to create your crown…. Read more »

Reasons To Choose Invisalign

The misalignment of your teeth can create more problems than just those with your appearance. Yes, crooked teeth can make you feel less confident about your smile. But did you know that crooked teeth are also more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease? Crooked teeth create more places for bacteria to hide; bacteria that… Read more »

Opalescence Whitening For Your Smile

The air is getting a little crisper and colder. The holidays are sneaking up on us. You may have plenty of holiday parties where you see coworkers, friends, and family. Maybe you have not seen some of them since last year’s holiday festivities. Whitening your smile can make you feel more confident, while giving you… Read more »

What’s Happening In Kansas City?

We’re proud to provide comprehensive dental care to residents of Kansas City. This is such a unique and wonderful community, and we would like to take today’s blog as a chance to focus on some upcoming community events. In addition, don’t forget that if you want to attend these events with a brighter smile, we… Read more »

How Do You Prevent Gum Disease?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, half of adults over the age of 30 suffer from some form of periodontal disease. Without treatment, gum disease has been linked to discomfort and a greater risk of adult tooth loss. How do you prevent gum disease? What actions can you take to protect your smile?

Why Choose A Custom Mouthguard?

If you or your child participate in fall sports, a mouthguard should be worn during practice and games. The National Federation of State High School Associations require mouthguards for the following contact sports: football, field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse. Mouthguards can protect an athlete against orofacial injuries. According to the Academy for Sports Dentistry, studies have shown… Read more »