Month: August 2018

Q & A: Flossing

Your dental team in Kansas City, MO loves to answer questions about oral health. The more knowledgeable you are, the better you can take care of your smile. Many people have questions about flossing (the oral hygiene technique, not the popular dance move!) and many people are afraid to ask these questions. According to National… Read more »

Smile Care For College Kids

It’s that time of year in Kansas City, MO where kids are going back to school and college classes are starting. Whether you are going to class yourself or you are sending your child off to college, we have some smile care tips for college students. College can be the first taste of independence that… Read more »

Tooth Decay: 3 Things To Remember

Tooth decay is complex and there is a seemingly endless list of things to learn about it. However, if your dentist could help you remember just the simple facts – there would be three. Tooth decay can cause serious problems for your smile, it can be prevented and treated, and your smile can be restored…. Read more »

What’s That Fuzzy Teeth Feeling?

You probably know what it feels like to have a sparkling clean smile. Have you ever run your tongue across your teeth after your routine dental cleaning? It feels smooth and you probably feel secure in the way your breath smells. Conversely, have you ever run your tongue across your teeth and felt that not-so-fresh… Read more »

Air Shows, Open Houses, And More

Most of the school districts in and near Kansas City, MO are back in session or about to be. With the family’s schedules filling back up with work, school, and extracurricular activities, it can be hard to find fun things to do with each other. This week, there are plenty of fun and exciting things… Read more »

I Don’t Like The Shape Of My Teeth

You have very little control over the natural shape of your teeth. Most of the times it depends wholly on genetics. There are times, however, when external factors may have affected the shape of your teeth. For example, bruxism or habitual grinding of your teeth can make some changes to your smile. An accident that… Read more »

Tooth-Loss Consequences You Can Avoid

When you’re a child, losing a tooth can be exciting. You know it’s coming and it often means a visit from the Tooth Fairy. When you’re a grown up, losing a tooth can be unnerving. You usually do not expect it, do not want it, and it usually does not include a visit from the… Read more »

Is It Too Early For A Holiday Smile Update?

Just the thought of the holiday season can put some people in a panic. While for many people, you just can’t start the holidays soon enough. Whatever side of the holiday fence you stand on, the fact of the matter is is that the holidays will be here in a blink of the eye. Yes,… Read more »

Going To College With A Bright Smile

Going off to college is a big deal in someone’s life. Whether your child is moving into a dorm as a freshman this fall or you are returning to take classes yourself, it can be a transitional moment in the life of a person. It marks a new chapter and one that should probably be… Read more »

Extra Steps For Protecting Family’s Smiles

If you are a parent, you probably put a lot of focus into protecting your child. You try to keep them safe from harm. You try to keep them healthy in the face of illness. For people of any age, prevention is especially important when it comes to oral health. Most problems are progressive, which… Read more »