Month: May 2019

Try Our Free Clear Aligner Consultation

This summer we’re offering our Kansas City, MO, patients a special on ClearCorrect braces. Now, you can schedule a free consultation to see if these unique and custom orthodontics are right for your smile. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how to correct misalignment with aligners, and what advantages they offer over metal… Read more »

Improving Cosmetic Blemishes With Bonding And Contouring

Our smiles can develop a number of issues that impact their appearance, from serious discoloration to damage, such as chips and cracks. Other issues may arise naturally, such as pointed teeth. In order to correct these blemishes, often in one visit, we may prescribe dental bonding and contouring for our Kansas City, MO, patients.

Obtaining A Brighter Smile At Home

A number of different products offer people the option of brightening their teeth from home. However, many of these come with complications. In order to help our patients enjoy dramatic results from the comfort of their own home, we provide Kansas City, MO, residents with professional at-home teeth whitening. How does our system help people… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry?

We want to help our patients in Kansas City, MO, enjoy optimal oral health, but we also want them to feel proud of their smile’s appearance. In order to improve the appearance of the teeth, we may suggest one of a number of cosmetic treatments, from professional teeth whitening to clear orthodontics. In today’s blog,… Read more »

How Do You Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Have you ever heard of wisdom teeth? For many people approaching adulthood, these molars pose a serious threat to the health and alignment of a person’s smile. In order to safeguard smiles in Kansas City, MO, we offer an extraction, an oral surgical procedure that prevents these molars from endangering oral health and smile beauty…. Read more »

Fun Community Events In Kansas City

When your kids get out of school for summer break, what do you have planned? If you need to keep them entertained, why not take in some of the fun events taking place in our city? We’re going to cover fun and interesting Kansas City, MO, events in today’s blog. We’re also available with cosmetic… Read more »

How Do We Correct Misalignment With Clear Braces?

Dental misalignment leads to serious problems with your oral health, not to mention the overall appearance of your smile. In order to help our Kansas City, MO, residents enjoy more even and healthy smiles, we may suggest cosmetic treatment with our clear braces. How does ClearCorrect™ correct poor alignment and offer a cosmetic solution?

Creating Veneers To Transform Smiles

Did you know that a single cosmetic treatment may address everything from misshapen teeth to permanent discoloration? When we create and place veneers, we offer our Kansas City, MO, patients a complete smile transformation. What cosmetic issues will your veneers address? How do we design and create custom-made restorations?

Weekend Events In Kansas City

Occasionally, we like to take time to talk about the community of Kansas City, MO. Our city hosts a number of fun and unique events throughout the year. This weekend, there is plenty for you and your family to enjoy. If you would like to attend the events we discuss in today’s blog with a… Read more »

Tooth Bonding: The Cosmetic Solution For Chipped Teeth

We prescribe cosmetic dental procedures for more than just stained teeth. In fact, we often repair minor damage in as little as one visit with tooth bonding. When should you talk to your Kansas City, MO, dentist about repairing teeth, and what benefits will the bonding process offer? What makes addressing a chipped tooth such… Read more »