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A Straighter Smile With Clear Braces™

Did you know we have a cosmetic alternative to metal braces? If you have crooked, crowded, or overlapping teeth, then we can help reposition them with a series of clear and comfortable aligners. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist looks at the benefits of treating poor alignment with the Clear Braces™ system, and… Read more »

Cosmetic Smile Correction With Clear Braces

Just because you have dental misalignment, doesn’t mean you have to wear braces to correct poor alignment. Instead, we can help address crooked, crowded, or uneven teeth with a series of aligners created from a clear and comfortable material. How does your Kansas City, MO, dentist create these aligners, and what does treatment involve?

How Do We Correct Misalignment With Clear Braces?

Dental misalignment leads to serious problems with your oral health, not to mention the overall appearance of your smile. In order to help our Kansas City, MO, residents enjoy more even and healthy smiles, we may suggest cosmetic treatment with our clear braces. How does ClearCorrect™ correct poor alignment and offer a cosmetic solution?

Have You Heard Of Clear Braces?

When you think about braces, you probably picture metal brackets and wires. While these traditional orthodontics do correct uneven smiles, we’re happy to offer our patients a more esthetically-pleasing alternative. With clear braces, we offer a system that improves smiles while remaining practically invisible. What should Kansas City, MO, residents know about clear braces?

Health Benefits Of A Straight Smile

It is common for people to believe that misaligned teeth are solely a cosmetic issue. You may believe that overlapping crooked teeth are only an issue affecting your appearance, but crooked teeth can affect your smile’s health. Straightening your smile can improve your smile’s health. If you are worried about the way your mouth will… Read more »