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Does Your Chipped Tooth Need Bonding/Contouring?

If you have a chipped tooth, or one suffering from esthetic issues, like being misshapen or stained, we can often help in a single visit. Your Kansas City, MO, dentist can use bonding and contouring to completely transform a tooth’s appearance in as little as one visit. But how does bonding and contouring work, and… Read more »

A Transformed Smile With Custom Veneers

What if you have a number of issues with your smile’s color and shape? What if you have minor misalignment too? With cosmetic dentistry your Kansas City, MO, dentist can instantly transform your smile, correcting a number of different issues. How do we create and place these natural-looking porcelain veneers?

One Visit Cosmetic Care With Bonding And Contouring

Did you know that your Kansas City, MO, dentist can repair minor esthetic issues in just one visit? Dental bonding and contouring are two very different procedures that can be completed in a single visit, procedures that can improve the shape, surfaces, and color of your teeth. When should you see our team for single… Read more »

How Do We Whiten Smiles From Home?

While easily available, most at-home systems, such as strips or toothpastes, don’t offer the same level of whitening as professional treatment. For those that desire a system they can use at home, your Kansas City, MO, dentist can brighten teeth with a set of custom trays and a powerful bleaching gel. In today’s blog, we’re… Read more »

Spend 2020 With A Better And Brighter Smile!

Would you like to greet the new year with a confident smile, but feel self-conscious about the way your teeth currently look? At our Kansas City, MO dentist’s office, you can learn about different cosmetic dental procedures that can help you spend 2020 with a dazzling smile that you love to share! While you may… Read more »

Give Yourself The Gift Of A Straighter Smile

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? If so, we want you to consider giving yourself a gift: clear braces. Misalignment can have negative impacts on the health and stability of your smile, not to mention your smile’s beauty. However, with clear braces your Kansas City, MO, dentist can correct poor alignment without relying on… Read more »

Correcting Multiple Esthetic Issues With Our Veneers

We’ve recently covered teeth whitening and bonding and contouring, three unique cosmetic treatments designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist discusses porcelain veneers and how we can use them to instantly transform a smile’s appearance. Let’s talk about how we create and place these unique restorations.

Let’s Fix That Chipped Tooth

If you have a chipped tooth, that doesn’t mean you have to hide your smile in your holiday pictures! Instead, why not to talk to your Kansas City, MO, dentist about cosmetic treatment options? With dental bonding and contouring, our team can repair teeth in one visit and help you enjoy a stunning new smile.

Brighten Your Smile Before The Holidays

Now that we’re almost halfway through November, this means holiday gatherings and celebrations are right around the corner! If you would like your smile to look its best before your next party or family gathering, then we can help with professional teeth whitening. Find out how we remove stains and help our Kansas City, MO,… Read more »

Correcting Misalignment Without Metal Braces

If you have teeth that sit crooked in your smile, or crowd one another, then this could have a negative impact on your overall health, leading to serious complications. In order to enjoy an even and beautiful smile, and protect your oral health, you should seek orthodontic treatment. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO,… Read more »