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Diabetes And Your Oral Health


29 million Americans live with either Type I or Type II diabetes. As a metabolic autoimmune disorder, it affects aspects of their health well beyond what they may understand on the surface.  Diabetics can suffer damage to their eyes and their extremities on account of circulation issues. These problems with blood successfully reaching areas of… Read more »

The Benefits Of Removing Plaque With A Cleaning

kansas city cleaning

In addition to a routine checkup, you also need a dental cleaning in the same visit to help protect your smile. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist talks about when you require a dental cleaning, and how removing plaque buildup could help prevent a host of complications, including tooth decay and gum disease.

Time For Your First 2022 Dental Exam

Kansas City dental exam

Starting your year with a checkup and cleaning visit is crucial for keeping your smile strong! If you haven’t had your first visit of 2022 yet, then you may need to give us a call. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist is going to explain what makes this preventive visit so important for… Read more »

Better Brushing And Flossing In 2022

Kansas City brushing teeth

A new year often means new changes to your routine to improve your health or to start a new hobby. Which means now is a great time to make sure you’re brushing and flossing the correct way! In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist wants to talk about how to better care for your… Read more »

Now Is The Time To Use Your 2021 Benefits

kansas city dental benefits

Do you have dental insurance, or possibly a health savings account? If so, then you have benefits and funds that could expire unless used before the end of December. Which is why your Kansas City, MO, dentist would like to give you a chance to use these before they’re gone, and start 2022 with a… Read more »

Avoiding The Terror Of Cavities On Halloween

kansas city halloween cavities

Halloween candy is delicious, and obtaining a lot of it with trick or treating is the goal of every kid in the neighborhood. However, too much could mean the onset of cavities and aching teeth. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist is talking about how to protect your kids’ smiles from Halloween-related cavities.

Removing Plaque Buildup With A Cleaning

kansas city dental cleaning

When you have harmful plaque buildup, this could lead to not only bad breath and unsightly teeth stains, but a greater risk of cavities and even periodontal disease. To preserve your smile and prevent discomfort, you need to have this buildup removed regularly. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist explains how we accomplish… Read more »

Don’t Put Off Your Next Checkup

kansas city checkup

Do you have a checkup visit in the future? If so, be sure you don’t skip it, and if not, try to schedule one soon! Every six months we want to see you for a thorough dental exam. While this may seem like a minor procedure, a checkup is key to helping people for all… Read more »

Taking Time To Brush And Floss

kansas city brushing and flossing

Seeing us every six months for a checkup and cleaning is valuable. However, you also need to take care of your smile from home. Daily care including brushing and flossing correctly, helps keep disease and infection at bay, safeguarding your smile. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist explains the importance of a good… Read more »

Better Patient Comfort With Technology

kansas city dentist

We strive to ensure our patients always feel comfortable, relaxed, and heard. As part of our approach to patient comfort, we employ advanced technologies and even offer a wide range of amenities. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist will look at how we provide a better experience for each and every patient with… Read more »