Category: Prevention

When To See Us For A Root Canal

A dental infection is a serious issue, one that could lead to major complications and for some, the loss of a tooth. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at what causes them, and when you should see your Kansas City, MO, dentist for a root canal treatment. We’re also going to talk about how… Read more »

Don’t Forget To Brush And Floss!

In the next couple of days, you will be visiting family or hosting them in your home. You may even be traveling as we speak! Amid all the stress and craziness of this time of year, we don’t want you to forget about caring for your smile. Your Kansas City, MO, dentist explains why even… Read more »

Get Your Smile Ready For The Holidays

When we think about preparing for the holidays, we often focus on getting gifts or making arrangements to take a trip to see family. But what about our smiles? In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist talks about getting your smile ready for the holidays, from undergoing routine treatments, to replacing your toothbrush or… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Strong Over Thanksgiving

Will you be traveling to see family, or inviting others over to your house for Thanksgiving? We hope you have a safe and happy holiday, but we also want to discuss tooth decay. Often, binging on sugary and starchy foods could mean a higher risk of tooth decay. However, your Kansas City, MO, dentist has… Read more »

Schedule Your Exam Before The Year Ends!

While we’re only in October, the year will be over before you know it. Which means if you have dental insurance, your benefits could run out once December comes to a close. In order to treat any developing oral health issues and make the most of your remaining benefits, you should schedule an exam with… Read more »

Preventing Periodontal Disease

Gum disease doesn’t just cause discomfort, periodontal problems have also been linked to loose teeth and even adult tooth loss. In order to keep your smile healthy and strong, you should take steps to avoid the onset of periodontal disease. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist will discuss ways to prevent periodontal disease… Read more »

Schedule A Summer Hygiene Visit For Your Family

Summer is the perfect time to schedule a visit for your family. You no longer have to worry about your kids missing school or conflicts with after school activities! A routine visit helps prepare your family for the coming school year. In today’s blog, we’re looking at what makes a checkup and cleaning so vital… Read more »

Will My Valentines Candy Cause Cavities?

Did you receive candy and sweets yesterday? A lot of us will find ourselves suddenly flush with candy and sweets. While a treat now and then is no big deal, too much candy could increase the risk of tooth decay. However, there are steps one can take to help protect the teeth from cavities. Let’s… Read more »

Dental Cleanings For The Family

This time of year is often full of quality time for the family. College students may come home for winter break. The kids are home from school. The adults may even have some extra time off this time of year. Along with baking cookies and decorating throughout winter, why not think about scheduling dental cleanings… Read more »

I Missed A Dental Cleaning. So What?

Your calendar is pretty full. Depending on your family obligations, work, hobbies, and fun events, you are probably juggling a lot of appointments and schedules. You may have had a dental cleaning schedule that you missed. You may have not even had a dental cleaning scheduled at all in the past six months or longer…. Read more »