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Broken A Tooth? What To Do

Broken Tooth KC MO

After you break a tooth, there’s always a quick moment of silence, when you try to figure out what has just happened. Then comes panic, as you realize the severity of your situation. Preparing for such an emergency will save you time and money, so it is best to be ready. Today, your Kansas City,… Read more »

Hidden Smile Danger: Sports Drinks

Sports drinks and energy drinks are very popular among all sorts of people (even non-athletes) and especially among teens. While some of these drinks can be natural with low amounts of sugar, the majority of sports and energy drinks are high in acidity and sugar. The combination of acid and sugar can be a dangerous… Read more »

Chew That Popcorn Carefully

Popcorn is a popular treat throughout the entire year. It becomes a little more popular in the holiday season. Popcorn tins are a common gift given to friends, family, and co-workers. Some families pop popcorn to use as a decoration for the Christmas tree (while snacking on it along the way). Some people also have… Read more »

Are You Prepared For Cold/Flu Season?

Cold and flu season happens every year around this time. Because both the flu and colds are very contagious, once some people start to get them, it can spread easily. In Kansas City, MO, the 2017 flu season came on strong with widespread breakout in the area. One of the biggest ways you can prepare… Read more »

4 Tips For Halloween Smile Safety

While Halloween is on Wednesday, there are still plenty of Halloween activities in Kansas City, MO, this weekend. With all the Halloween fun, costumes, trick-or-treating, and candy around, it can be hard to prioritize your smile’s health and safety. To help you keep your smile’s well-being at the forefront of your mind, we have a… Read more »

Smile Care For College Kids

It’s that time of year in Kansas City, MO where kids are going back to school and college classes are starting. Whether you are going to class yourself or you are sending your child off to college, we have some smile care tips for college students. College can be the first taste of independence that… Read more »

Say “No Thanks” to Black Toothpaste

We know your smile doesn’t really have an opinion, but if it did, we hope it would say “No!” to the new fad of black (charcoal) toothpaste. Your smile can’t speak up, but dentists can, and they have a number of excellent reasons to steer you away from treatments and products they deem not helpful,… Read more »

Benefits Of Flossing

We recommend brushing and flossing twice a day. While many people understand the clear benefits and reasons to brush their teeth, it can be harder to understand why flossing is necessary. Some people find it a hard habit to develop, if they are not already flossing twice a day. Flossing can help prevent gum disease… Read more »

Use Your 2017 Dental Benefits While You Can

Tis the season: the weather’s getting chilly, the holiday decor is going up, Christmas music is in the air, and the end of the year is near. Most dental plan benefits of 2017 will run out by December 31st, and they will likely not roll over into 2018. According to the National Association of Dental… Read more »

Tips For Healthy Smiles This Fall

Autumn is a season filled with unhealthy treats. Sugary pumpkin spiced lattes, candied apples, and pies are just the beginning. Halloween is an entire holiday nearly devoted entirely to candy. How do you keep your smile and the smiles of your family healthy with all these sugar-laden threats around? How do you keep all these… Read more »