The first set of teeth that children develop, called primary teeth, help set the stage for their more permanent smiles later in life. To keep their young smiles healthy, children should attend regular exams and cleanings as often as adults—typically, once every six months. Keeping primary teeth healthy and allowing them to develop properly helps children avoid dental complications early in life, as well as prevents significant issues from compromising their permanent smiles. To make their cleanings more enjoyable, we offer fun polish flavors, including bubble gum and birthday cake!

Preventive Treatments

In addition to regular cleanings and exams, children often require additional consideration and help to prevent tooth decay and other issues from harming their teeth. For instance, dental sealants are a popular preventive measure that involves biocompatible “seals” of acrylic, painted onto the surfaces of your child’s teeth. The sealants provide an extra barrier against oral bacteria and food particles that could become lodged in the crevices of teeth’s chewing surfaces.

For additional protection, your child’s dentist may also recommend fluoride treatment, which boosts the strength of the protective enamel around teeth. Fluoride is a mineral application and bonds to the minerals that make up tooth enamel. By applying it to your child’s teeth, the dentist can give your child an advantage over the oral bacteria that weaken enamel and lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Visit

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