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Jaw Symmetry Surgery in Downtown Kansas City

Your jaw works by hinging and pivoting on two large, complex joints known as your temporomandibular joints (TMJs), one of each side of your face. As your jawbone opens and closes, your TMJs should move together.

If your jawbone is uneven, however, then the joints struggle to keep up with each other, ultimately leading to stress and chronic pain in your jaw and facial muscles and even bite misalignment. To keep pain and bite complications from worsening, you can correct the issue with jaw symmetry surgery at Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Kansas City.

Jaw Surgery FAQs

Does jaw surgery or dental bone grafting require a hospital stay?

Most oral surgery procedures are outpatient only, so you can go home with a trusted friend or family member to recover immediately after surgery.

Do you lengthen lower jaws to improve bite alignment?

Yes. Corrective jaw surgery can include moving the bones of the upper or lower jaw, including moving them up or down or lengthening or shortening them. This type of orthognathic surgery is common during orthodontic treatment when jaws and teeth don’t align correctly without surgical intervention.

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