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One-Hour Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Routine IV Sedation Wisdom Tooth Care in Kansas City

When Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery Is Necessary

When your wisdom teeth don’t or won’t erupt properly for a simple extraction – grasping it and loosening it from its socket – surgical extraction may be necessary.

During wisdom teeth extraction surgery, your oral surgeon will carefully access the impacted tooth structure underneath your gums or jawbone and remove the tooth structure and its root. This is because impacted wisdom teeth may not display any structure above the gumline. The entire oral surgery usually takes about an hour, and you can go home with a trusted family member or friend almost immediately afterward.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction FAQs

What are wisdom teeth, anyway?
Wisdom teeth are your third molars that erupt from your gums, ideally behind all your other teeth.

If my wisdom teeth erupted, why do I need to have wisdom tooth removal?
If your wisdom teeth erupted from your gums, and your mouth has enough room to accommodate them, removing your wisdom teeth is not necessary. However, this is very rare. For most people, their wisdom teeth require extraction because they are interfering with the stability and placement of other pre-existing teeth, or because they are impacted – stuck in the gums.

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